justy balloon -Balloon Room in Bangalore

JUSTY Balloons – Balloon Room Decoration Bangalore

JUSTY Balloons – Balloon Room Decor Bangalore:

Justy Balloons is the simplest surprise balloon decoration for a party you ever can arrange within your budget.

We have 3 services in this  JUSTY Balloons:

  • JUSTY Balloons – Small
  • JUSTY Balloons – Large
  • JUSTY Balloons – XL

You can choose your favorite Balloon service from above depending on your need.

  • JUSTY Balloons – Small:

  • justy balloon -Balloon Room Small

“100 balloons on Floor”

Do you want to know What’s included in this JUSTY Balloons – Small ?

Yes . Its 100 balloons of different colors at your location delivered to your home. We mix elegant colored balloons in hundred numbers for you for the party. May be its a birthday or Anniversary or you really want to surprise your friend for the new job this will be perfect.

PRICE  – Rs. 1711  Rs.1111* Special Price for you

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  • JUSTY Balloons – Large:


“200 balloons on Floor”

PRICE  – Just Rs.2711 Rs.1711 * Special Price for you

justy balloon -Balloon Room Bangalore1

justy balloon -Balloon Room LargePNG

Do you want to know What’s included in this JUSTY Balloons – Large ?

Yes . Its 200 balloons of different colors at your location delivered to your home. We mix elegant colored balloons in hundred numbers for you for the party. For Surprise birthday or Planned Anniversary Party or Budget Baby Shower  this will be a perfect one.

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  • JUSTY Balloons – XL:

justy balloon -Balloon Room XL

“400 balloons on Floor”

“20 Balloons on the ceiling”

PRICE  – Just Rs.4500 Rs.3000 * Special Price for you

Do you want to know What’s included in this JUSTY Balloons – XL Package ?

Yes . Its 400 balloons of different colors at your location delivered to your home. We mix elegant colored balloons in hundred numbers for you for the party. A real surprise birthday for your love or great surprise kids birthday party will go perfectly with this package.

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Terms & Conditions: Birthday Party balloon decoration service in Bangalore

You will have to provide a Stool or Ladder to reach the ceiling
Your address,  & any other personal preferences will be taken after your booking
Increase the balloons or add more surprise elements by contacting us.
We discourage Helium balloons for home use as it is an asphyxiant – it can suffocate you. We use air balloons, fix them to your ceiling with a removable cello-tape (generally no mark on ceiling but please remove within 24 hours) to create the same experience as helium balloons.
Balloons placed in the form of bunches or free floating on floor according to your wish.
NOTE: Decoration items except balloons are provided on rental basis.Cutouts , Structures & Curtains are our property.

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Locations we serve: Party balloon decoration service in Bangalore

We provide Party balloon decoration service in every part of Bangalore like

Electronic city Party balloon decoration service

Whitefeild Party balloon decoration service

JP Nagar Party balloon decoration service

Indira Nagar Party balloon decoration service

Marathahalli Party balloon decoration service

Malleswaram Party balloon decoration service

Koramangala Party balloon decoration service

Hebbal Party balloon decoration service

Jayanagar Party balloon decoration service

Banashankari Party balloon decoration service

Ulsoor Party balloon decoration service

Trinity Party balloon decoration service

MG Road Party balloon decoration service

*Extra Transport & Charges apply ‘

Occasions We serve:

-Birthdays – Milestone birthday balloons & decorations

-1st Birthday balloons

-Baby Shower Balloon Decoration

-Corporate event balloon decorations.


-Grand openings

-Customer appreciation events

-Company picnics

-Balloons for bridal showers & engagement parties

-Bat & Bar Mitzvah Balloon Décor for just about any theme

-Anniversary party decorations – make this joyous celebration extra special!

-Children’s birthday parties 

Christening Balloons and Communion party balloon decorations. We have crosses and tasteful, elegant balloon selections for religious events

-Store Window & Showroom balloon décor. 

Balloon Decorations Bangalore - Cheap Cost +Best Price Party Organisers Decorators Service Bangalore

Balloon Decorations Bangalore – Cheap Cost +Best Price Party Organisers Decorators Service Bangalore

Best Party Balloon Decorations for Events in Bangalore:

We provide Best balloon decorators in Bangalore in cheap price and great service.  We provide balloon decoration service in every part of Bangalore like electronic city, Whitefeild, JP Nagar Indira Nagar, Marathahalli,Malleswaram,Koramangala, Hebbal,Jayanagar, Banashankari, Ulsoor.

Best Party Balloon Decorations for Events in Bangalore
Best Party Balloon Decorations for Events in Bangalore


Party Balloon Decoration specializes in skilled Balloon Decoration Management Company based in Bangalore, India. Party Balloon Decoration skilled and experienced team coordinates directly with our clients and analyses their requirement to meet their needs. We are specialized in various kinds of Balloon decorations.


We had wide variety of Party Balloon Decoration services like Open Ground, Selling balloon decoration, Foil balloon, Printed balloon, general balloon decoration, Baby Shower Balloon, Fancy balloon, Birthday Balloons, Advertising balloon, Helium Balloons decoration, Balloon Entrance, Balloon Tree, Balloon Canopy, Personalized Balloons etc.


Birthday Party Balloon Decoration, School Function Balloon Decoration, Marriage Party Balloon Decoration, Opening Ceremony of Showrooms, Party Balloon Decorations,Corporate Events Balloon Decoration, Wedding Anniversary decoration, Advertisement Balloon Decoration, Customized Printed Balloons, Logo Printed Balloon, Text Printed Balloons and others Function.

Balloon Decorations Bangalore- Why Balloons

Balloons have the special beauty of spreading smiles and it brings delight in a moment. It is a lightweight decoration for parties at a lesser price. If you are near to celebrate the party and don’t know the idea of how to decor the party place, take a look and see if we can suit your demand! You can throw a special party using our stunning balloons decoration services that will transform your venue to a celebration floor. You can avail this balloons decoration on kid’s birthday party, anniversary ceremony, congratulations event and many more. Here we offer you these different packages at best price with a valued job from our side… We value our clients’ opinion and are ready for their concerns.

Trust us once and you will trust forever. So let’s open up here!

Best balloon decorators in Bangalore

Before you get to the engagement there is bound to be many such romantic Valentine’s Day to get through first, a time to show the one you love just how much they mean to you. You can have personal snap and Photo balloons are the actual shots of your life compiled together to make it big. You could even propose by a balloon!

Best balloon decorators in Bangalore – For Birthdays Wedding Naming Ceremony, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary, Baby Shower Retirement Function:

Balloons are great for all occasions as they can be used to entertain smaller children or used as decoration. Punch balls are a popular choice for entertaining the kids as they are more robust! For the younger ones in the family who are too young to be worrying about marriage and for kids, their birthday celebration can lit up with balloons. For the young adults whose upcoming 18th or 21st Birthday can be the event for entering into adulthood. Balloons are great for this special day, because of its bouncy charm that can decorate a venue with ease. The childhood snaps of the birthday person can be pasted on the balloons to make them surprise and go through their memory lane.

Balloon Decorations Bangalore - Cheap Cost +Best Price Party Organisers Decorators Service Bangalore

When Balloons comes to play there has to be some clear favorites, suppose Mother’s Day, will always remain an important day. Mother’s Day is commemorated to show respect and honor all the mothers and motherhood. The influence of being a woman and the rarest ability to become a mother in society calls for a celebration. Balloons are a wonderful way to say Thank you to your mother and godmothers, especially a personalized Balloon in a Box. The same happens for those entire father’s and father figures out there, with Father’s Day ranking in the top ten occasions on the internet. The kids really want to convey their feeling and that hasn’t forgotten about the daddies. Father’s Day sees a lot of pre-printed balloons being used for decoration. Next in line of special occasion’s demands you of buying balloons are the Engagement and Weddings and Special anniversaries. To start with the day of Engagement and share the exciting news that you are getting married balloons are indispensable. It is the perfect opportunity for throwing a party!

Best Price Party Organisers in Bangalore

For big events like, a Wedding is an incredibly special day when two people make the ultimate commitment to share their lives with one another, balloons can be of use. As used as table centrepieces, to transform the look of the venue or even as wedding favours. They can be matched with your dresses with the complementary colour scheme and coordinate with the other decorations. Even people send their RSVP’s on a balloon!

One special mention that uses balloons of the Jewish community where the coming of age tradition is the Bar Mitzvah is highly respected and celebrated within them. For the Jewish people, it is the time to celebrate and rejoice in life. This occasion typically has a large gathering of relatives for the celebration of life once again with a union. Now on our list, those go hand in hand, the Christmas and the New Year events! These two occasions in winter mean having a good time but is also a great time for businesses, these are the times when a huge amount of orders for branded balloons are demanded. Many schools, companies arrange for their annual programs to host New Year’s Eve parties for clients and staff, and this is a golden opportunity to create some brand awareness too.

Cheap Birthday Balloon Decorators Service in Bangalore

Balloons are a cost-effective way to jazz up any party and won’t break the bank, especially as you will be saving for the big day. A great range of pre-printed foil balloons can be arranged too.

Some of the flicks of our Balloon Decoration

Write pop-up messages on Balloon- For special greetings like congratulations, happy birthday and surprise messages on balloons.

Make a Balloon wreath- Good for a theme party and get splendid collections of balloon bouquets to send balloons online.

cheap balloon decoration packages bangalore

Surprise-Note Balloons- For special wishes on the balloons and the attendee has to sit on the hot chair tied with that special greeting. It is a good choice made for baby shower celebration, baby welcoming ceremony.

Balloon Bottles- Glaze the party place with celebrating decoration balloons bottles. You can use the colour balloons as per the theme of the party.

Glittery Balloon Garland- Shimmering balloons to shine the Glittery party to make the party place amazing.

Glowing Balloon Party- Special LED balloons called Illooms delights in the dark for 15 hours. This is ideal for throwing a night party and lighting up the place like a disco floor.

Therefore the charm of balloons can transform the atmosphere of any special event even without spending much money. They are a great visual for customers and when coupled with branded balloons not only creates an impressive display to bring the customers but also are informative. A decorating party with such simplest material like a balloon is unimaginable and that too with low cost and time. We are the best balloon decorators hailing from Bangalore city as we provide you budget-friendly costs for any of the occasion. Whether it’s a naming ceremony or a gorgeous wedding or a glittery Bachelorettes party you can rely on us in terms of the decoration of balloons as well as the valued service. So, no matter what your occasion we have something for you, be it pre-printed, customised, corporate or just for fun. We understand your needs and thus customize the decorations according to the ambience of your occasion.


Hope to hear from you soon whenever you want to throw a special party!!!


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